Quality Tatami Mat Showroom

Not only do we create customizable, long-lasting, quality tatami mats, we display them in our in-house showroom. Many other tatami mat manufacturers do not showcase in-house showrooms, leaving consumers to inspect them in home improvement and building supply stores.
We produce made-to-fit tatami mats with substrate and mat materials of your choice, which is why we offer our showroom to interested clients. What if you want tatami mats that differ from run of the mill styles and materials in store? Few other manufacturers offer the customizability we do, necessitating the need for a showroom.

Our showroom features tatami mats built into the ground to help you pick and choose. Many building suppliers and showrooms fail to install tatami mats in-ground, leaving consumers to wonder whether particular tatami mats will look as good installed as they do in stores.

We want you to value our tatami mats and recognize their unmatched quality. Our employees want you as a client of ours and will treat you as such. You can visit our showroom at your convenience or make an appointment to ensure we have space. Contact our top-notch tatami mat showroom as soon as possible to book and reserve your viewing appointment.