Tatami is a traditional product that has continued for more than 1300 years. With improvement in design and functionality, modern tatami mat can be enjoyed in many different settings. Non Boardrer Tatami mat

This tatami does not have an aroma as it does not contain materials made from natural igusa as our tradional tatami. These Ryukyu or modern tatami mats have been water and stain proofed, so no matter the spill; water, tea, coffee, etc., there will be no trace left after cleaning. Extremely water repellent and resistant to color fading.

A tatami room is a fixture in WASHITSU, or traditional Japanese interior design. Once the mark of nobility, modern tatami room serve as study areas and as living or sleeping areas in homes. The tatami room, with its simple furnishings and open atmosphere, can bring the Far East into any Western home.

As tatami rooms grew in popularity and more people were able to afford them, some designers began using multiple tatami mats to cover the entire floor in a manner similar to carpeting. Modern mats are made of more durable materials and are easier to clean than rice straw.

  • These mats are hygienic and prevent the occurrence of mites and mold.
  • The mat covers are compliant with the Food Sanitation Act and deemed safe.
  • They produce no toxic gases even in the case of when burned.
  • They can be safely used in nursing environments, with children, the elderly and those suffering from allergies.
  • They are optimal for highly air tight homes and suitable for application in,


Stylish and comfortable
  • There is a rich variety of colors that can be matched with Western or Japanese decoration.
  • The modern Japanese design can go with Western or Japanese furniture.
  • They have a natural texture with little shine.
  • Despite being thin mats, they offer a surprising amount of cushion.
  • They are made of materials and structured in a way that’s easy on skin making them comfortable in any season.
  • They feel good under the feet and to the hands, and are smooth to the touch in summer, but not cold in the winter.
  • They are thin mats, and don’t require any adjustments in floor height to be installed.